Over 5 years ago, we set out on a journey...

Through this exploration, we uncovered eight “Eternal Motivations” that, if identified and understood, can help brands create a stronger connection with consumers.

Less connected than ever.

Brands are interacting with customers in more ways than ever before. There are more tools available and the amount of touches between brands and customers has increased dramatically over the years.

However, while there is MORE engagement, people are feeling LESS connected to brands than ever.

In our book, “Slow Culture,” we unpack the eight Eternal Motivations and reveal how the nature of each has evolved over time. This book provides the blueprint that will help any brand understand what’s most important to their customers and identify new opportunities to connect with them in more meaningful ways.


Brands that are built on the ever-shifting sands of fleeting trends rarely outlast brands that are built on the solid foundation of timeless human truths.

Data alone won’t solve your problems. In fact, more data – without being anchored and explained by eternal human motivations – causes more confusion, not less. Our unique methods and approach help marketers create clarity around what matters most to the people they are trying to reach. Give us 15 minutes and we can provide an initial assessment on which motivations steer your customers’ decisions.

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