The Discovery Toolkit

The Discovery Toolkit is packed with over 15 tools and tricks for running a successful, inspired strategy sprint worksession.

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A recent survey of 1,200 marketers around the world revealed that over 70% of marketing campaigns fail to deliver intended results. Why such a high fail rate? Experience tells us that how well a project ends is largely determined by how well a project begins. 

That’s why we’ve developed the Discovery Toolkit. Initially designed to address our own need to kick off brand strategy assignments efficiently and collaboratively, the Discovery Toolkit has been proven to help teams coalesce around common objectives and opportunities, greatly increasing the likelihood of a campaign’s success. 

The exercises in this Discovery Toolkit have been tinkered with and refined many times over. After putting them to the test in a variety of contexts for a myriad of clients, we’re presenting them here in a package that we hope will be accessible and helpful to everyone who picks it up. 

Who is this for?

Regardless of the type of marketing assignment or size of budget, the Discovery Toolkit is a great way to start a project off right. Here are just a few applications for the Discovery Toolkit:

  • For Brand Managers that need to solicit opinions and create a sense of brand ownership among a cross-functional team 
  • For Entrepreneurs that need to quickly identify positioning whitespace within a category that is ownable and relevant 
  • For Designers that need to put more concrete language around the needs of the consumer before developing empathetic solutions
  • For Researchers that need to understand the current state of the brand and identify hypotheses to explore
  • For Brand Strategists that need to collect client input quickly and identify viable paths to pursue
  • For Agency Creatives that need to generate more vivid conversation around a client brief to uncover more fertile creative territory
  • For Agency Account People that need to establish themselves as brand stewards by creating alignment with clients from day one

What's Inside?

So, what can you expect? The tools and techniques included can help any marketing project start out on the right foot. They’re intended to help you uncover the true needs and most important hypotheses of your brand in a fun, interactive way. By using this kit to engage your team early on in the project, you’ll be helping them embark on a path toward forming a stronger, more powerful brand. 

Included in the Discovery Toolkit is…