Your best strategic thinking is worthless if it is being applied to the wrong problem. This mini-course outlines a simple, 3-step process for how to identify the right problems to solve.

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A proven approach to finding better, more interesting problems to solve

Some of the topics this course will cover include…

DEFINING THE PROBLEM: The five areas to investigate to understand the client’s problem / The importance of translating a client problem into a consumer problem / 149 questions to ask before you begin / Proven tool for helping you separate the symptom from the disease

REFRAMING THE OPPORTUNITIES: Why boring questions lead to boring solutions / Turning problem statements into opportunity statements / Using a brainwriting approach to generate hypothetical paths forward / Downloadable framework for generating new and more interesting problems to solve

SELECTING WHAT TO SOLVE: The search for a “well-rounded” problem / Identifying which problem to solve first / Scoring system for measuring the quality of each problem