Our involvement in this project began when Quiksilver brought us in to help them refresh their understanding of their target audience. The shared passions that had always attracted consumers to the Quiksilver family of brands — including Roxy and DC Shoes in addition to the flagship label — were still going strong. But they knew that they would need to tap into a younger version of their core customer to stay relevant. Using the Yankelovich Global MONITOR database, we identified three opportunity groups within the global 16-24 population who shared key values with the three brands, and we profiled them in terms of what set them apart from others in the same age bracket. This allowed us to go beyond stereotypes about Millennials and create nuanced depictions of them. After working with the Quiksilver team to make sure we had captured the right audiences, we brought them to life via a series of rich booklets that could be easily digestible to anyone who picked one up. Quiksilver ended up printing several hundred copies to distribute throughout the organization.